AllyHey there! I’m Alison Rodriguez. 

But I mostly go by Mommy and Ally. 

My greatest joy in life is being CC, Car, Mac, and Baby Rod’s mommy and Steven’s wife. My brood of boys sure keep me busy! 

Experiencing my miscarriage and saying “see you later” to my Baby Rod in May 2017 after years of infertility was the turning point for me. It was at that point that I didn’t want any other woman to feel as lonely as I did in their motherhood journey. 

My journey to and through motherhood has been bumpy and beautiful, and I’m on a mission to come alongside others in this journey to provide honesty, encouragement, and resources to make their days a little bit brighter. I believe God will use our heartbreak for healing, and I believe we shouldn’t be in it alone. 

My heart and this site is dedicated to the messy motherhood journey. The journey that includes twists and turns, roadblocks and setbacks, tears and more tears. To those real #momlife moments. The days of love and laughter, chaos and crying, speeding to daycare and zooming to work.

When I’m not dreaming up the next thing for you, I’m at work leading my team of higher education professionals. Give me all the numbers, budgets, reports, and Excel spreadsheets. You can also catch me in the desert off-roading with my boys (our favorite family hobby), or rewatching the entire series of The Office or Criminal Minds all while avoiding the piles of laundry and stacks of dishes that fill our home.

Whether it’s work, home, or desert, you’ll find me with coffee, chips, or peanut butter M&Ms… likely all of the above. 

Which leads me to wrapping up with my top motherhood survival tip:

Grab some coffee, chips, or peanut butter M&Ms, and stay a while. I’m so glad you are here.