Half way through 2022! Wowza! It is time to revisit my 2022 goals for a Quarter 2 check-in.

Initial List of 2022 Goals

Quarter 1 Check-in

2022 Goals


Monthly date with my husband: Still not happening nor scheduled on a monthly basis. It may just be the season we are in – limited childcare and going through a few changes. Also, we are tired all the time. #parentsof3boys We did enjoy a wonderful weekend getaway in April! 

Riverside getaway
Mama & Dada got some time away!

A 2:1 activity and a 1:1 activity with each of our sons: We haven’t had a 2:1 activity with the boys, but we have been able to spend quality 1:1 time with each of them in a variety of ways. I think my favorite has been reading bedtime stories with them individually ever since we moved them each to their own room. It’s been such a sweet way to end the night for all of us. I will spend time in July planning and scheduling our 2:1 activities! 

My 3-year old picked a big stack of books & we read through them all.
Captain Underpants
My 6-year old and I finished our first chapter book together.

At least one girls night with my best friends: We have a weekend booked for later this Fall, and we just got together this week for a long lunch. Much needed & enjoyed!


My spiritual goals this year include completing a read-through of the Bible cover to cover as well as maintaining a prayer journal. 

Bible reading: I am still making good progress in my bible reading plans. I am currently reading through Psalms. 

Prayer journal: I didn’t write a prayer journal even once in Quarter 2… I think I will officially remove this goal from the list. When I study the bible, I take notes and write short prayers that way. 


10-year wedding anniversary trip: My husband and I will be celebrating 10 years of marriage in August 2022. We are almost done booking the trip – why is everything so pricey? Can’t wait! 

Visit family in Texas: I will likely take a trip this Fall – new family members coming soon!

Vacation/Trip with each set of grandparents: We have a family vacation planned for July (thanks to my sister!) with my mama and sisters. Really looking forward to it.

Visit a new state or national park: This is a family goal of ours! We want to take the kids to visit a new state or national park each year. To date, we have seen three national parks and ten state parks in California, Nevada, and Utah. We don’t have anything on the books yet, but hoping to make this trip in the Fall when temps have cooled. 

National Parks
Can’t wait to list more!


I have one financial goal for 2022 and that is to maintain $0 credit card balances. Happy to report that we have kept this up. Yay!


Books: My goal is to read 12 books in 2022. I’ve read fairly consistently throughout quarter 2, and completed one more book. Current progress: 4/12 books. I am reading through three books currently – close to finishing two! 

Book Tracker
Enjoyed them all!

Social Media: I am definitely on Instagram and Facebook less – including scrolling less and posting less. This feels much better in my life. I still have my days where I scroll too much (eeek!), but much less compared to last year. 

Learning: I have not made any progress on my goals to attend an ADHD-related conference, complete TBRI Training, or complete the Pinterest course. However, we did find an ADHD-related conference we hope to attend in November, and I logged into the platform for the Pinterest course! Small progress counts, right?  

Blog/Podcast: Not much traction here… that’s okay. We are going through some changes and giving myself grace on all of my 2022 goals. 


As a recap, those are to: 

  • Exercise 3x/week
  • Gratitude journal 3x/week
  • Bible study 3x/week
  • Read 3x/week

Still not meeting these consistently, but not giving up either! 

I feel like I’ve made good progress here over the last couple weeks and am trying to maintain that momentum. 

Well, that’s a wrap on Quarter 2. 

While I thought I would have made more progress during Quarter 2, I honor the progress I made, and look forward to continuing progress in each area as the year continues. 

My Quarter 2 Takeaways: 

  • Not all these goals will be met; they’re still good things to work toward.
  • Progress on several of these goals takes planning; looking forward to spending time in July to plan ahead for success.
  • It is more than okay to drop goals, adjust goals, or add goals; this process is for me.
  • I set too many goals for myself at the start of this year. With each quarter, I have removed some and that is totally okay. 

How are you coming along with your 2022 goals? Have you removed or added goals? 

I would love to hear about it. Drop a comment below.

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  1. I love so much about this 💕
    You write beautifully. Add writing a book to your list of goals.
    Cindy VanZandt

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