My first baby,

Five years.

I haven’t stopped longing for you. Never will.

With each year, my longing is covered in more hope, peace and comfort.

Hope in knowing that with each day, I am closer to seeing you.

Peace in knowing you have forever life with Jesus and grandparents and cousins and your Uncle.

Comfort in knowing that family members we have lost on Earth, you have gained in Heaven.

You changed my life. You expanded my heart.

Thank you for all you taught me. The gift of your life has been so impactful. I don’t think I understood five years ago how impactful you would be to me and my place in this world.

Thank you, baby.

We talk about you often. Brothers ask when they will meet you, where you are, whether you can hear us.

To our family, you are love and light and hope.

I’ll always wonder what life would have been like to have you four together. But I know I’ll experience that one day.

God’s love and grace surrounded me on this day five years ago. It surrounds me today.

I love you with all my heart and soul, precious.



Forever Footprints Remembrance Event in 2017

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