It is hard to believe that three months of 2022 have come and gone. It is time to revisit my 2022 goals for a Quarter 1 check-in.

Sometimes I struggle with not reaching goals I have set for myself, and so I am aiming for lots of grace through this first review and evaluation. 


For the initial list of my 2022 goals, check out this earlier blog post: 2022 Goals and Habits.


Monthly date with my husband: This has not happened on a monthly basis. We did, however, have two dates in March that we thoroughly enjoyed! I think I will need to be more creative about this, and plan for dates at home when the kids are in bed – a game of Scrabble or a non-kid movie. 

A 2:1 activity and a 1:1 activity with each of our sons: This has not officially happened yet. Although, we have talked about what the activities could be, so some progress has been made. I think as my husband (a teacher) and sons conclude their school years in early June, we will have more capacity to schedule these activities. 

My hope around both of these goals is to intentionally connect with my family. In a different way, our family has connected well over the last few months. This has looked like a biweekly mommy and sons library visit and regular family play time, movie nights, and sleepovers in mom and dad’s room. 

At least one girls night with my best friends: I have yet to schedule a girls night with my best friends. One is in the deep throws of nursing school, and so, I hope to be able to do this with them in the Spring or Summer sometime. 

Snail mail: My snail mail challenge has not taken root, and I will be removing this goal from my 2022 list. I have found other ways to stay connected with my extended family, including regular texting and a weekly bible study with cousins. 


My spiritual goals this year include completing a read-through of the Bible cover to cover as well as maintaining a prayer journal. 

Bible reading: I am making good progress in my bible reading plans. I have made it through seven new books in the bible, some of which have been through a weekly bible study group with my cousins. While this was not on my original goal list for 2022, it has been something filling my cup each week to have this regular time with my cousins and accountability for learning and applying scripture. 

Prayer journal: I have intermittently journaled my prayers, and hope to work more toward this goal in the next quarter. 


I have not completed any of my travel goals in this first quarter of the year. However, I do anticipate these travel plans will take place over Summer and Fall, and so I feel fine about where I stand with this category to date. 

For our 10-year anniversary trip in August, we have agreed on a location and secured my mom’s time for childcare. Yay! 


I have one financial goal for 2022 and that is to maintain $0 credit card balances. Happy to report that we are on track for this. Yay!


Books: My goal is to complete one book per month for a total of 12 books read in 2022. I have completed three books to date – all of which were in January. While I am on track with this goal, I would like to move toward a flow of completing one book per month as I move forward. 

While I did read throughout February and March, I was not able to complete additional books. 

Document regular gratitude with my sons: No progress here. I may need to remove this goal and consider trying this when they are a bit older and can read/write for themselves vs. me trying to document this for them at their current ages.

Social Media: I am definitely on Instagram and Facebook less – including scrolling less and posting less. This feels much better in my life. I still have my days where I scroll too much (eeek!), but much less compared to a few months ago. 

Learning: I have not made any progress on my goals to attend an ADHD-related conference, complete TBRI Training, or complete the Pinterest course. In the next quarter, I will work on researching conferences, and carving out time in my schedule for the online training opportunities. 

Blog/Podcast: I have seen some growth for the blog in terms of new WordPress subscribers. I am so happy you are here – thank you! I have made progress on content planning, and hope to spend more time in this area in quarter two. No movement yet on the podcast, except that my husband purchased equipment. Perhaps Summer will allow us some free time for this. 


My habits…. Oh my habits. 

This is the area I need to give myself the most grace. 

I have not even come close to maintaining the habits I aimed for at the start of this year. 

As a recap, those are to: 

  • Exercise 3x/week
  • Gratitude journal daily
  • Bible study daily 
  • Read daily
  • Work inbox zero weekly 

From my habit trackers, you can see that it has been a struggle. 

January 2022 Habit Tracker
February 2022 Habit Tracker
March 2022 Habit Tracker

In evaluating how I was able to maintain those habits just six months ago, I think this can be attributed to my increased time back in the office. When I was mostly working from home, I had the time and energy to maintain these habits on a daily basis.

However, with my commute, my energy and time have been zapped again.

I have also been grieving the loss of my brother. For those who know grief, you know it can take a lot out of you, often unexpectedly. Needing lots and lots of grace.

As I move into Quarter 2, I think adjusting all my personal habits to 3x/week will be the new goal. Perhaps I will be able to work back up daily in the Summer. 

As for my work habit – inbox zero – I continue to believe this will be an unattainable goal. If you are able to achieve this, please let me know how!

Well, that’s a wrap on Quarter 1. 

I feel comfortable with where I stand in each category, honor the progress I’ve made, and look forward to continuing progress in each area as the year comes. 

I still have 75% of 2022 to complete these goals! 

How about you? How are you coming along with any goals you set for yourself in 2022? 

I would love to hear about it. Please post a comment below.

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