I have been enjoying the process of planning for 2022 and thinking of my goals and habits.

Planning for 2022


I have yet to break these goals down into concrete steps, but look forward to doing so in my planner soon! Below are my goals for 2022 by category.


  • Monthly date with my husband: As two working parents with three sons, it is SO rare for us to have any dates or uninterrupted time together. This is something I really want to prioritize in the new year. Date nights, lunches, days off together… anything counts!
  • A 2:1 activity with each of our sons: Another rarity is for our sons to individually have dedicated time with both parents. That comes with the territory when the kids outnumber the parents. In planning for 2022, my husband and I are going to plan a dedicated day to spend together with each of our three sons doing something they love.
  • A 1:1 activity with each of my sons: Same plan as above, but just mommy and son time together.
  • At least one girls night with my best friends: There will likely be more than one, but definitely prioritizing at least one get-away with my best friends in 2022. Staying up way to late to snack and talk – yes, please!
  • Snail mail: Who doesn’t love the surprise of a card in the mail? On a monthly basis, I want to send out notes or letters to those I love.


  • Finish read-through of Bible cover to cover: I have never read the bible in its entirety cover-to-cover. I started that in the latter part of this year, and plan to finish in 2022.
  • Prayer journal: I would like to more consistently write in my prayer journal. It has been such a blessing to read through past prayers, and reflect on how the Lord has moved in the lives of those I love (and ours!).

These goals are incredibly important to me to deepen my relationship with God and never return to the state I was in when I was suffering horrific nightmares (read more about that here.)


  • 10-year wedding anniversary trip: My husband and I will be celebrating 10 years of marriage in August 2022. I would love to take an anniversary trip! (Mom, book your calendar to be on Gramma-duty that month, please?)
  • Visit family in Texas: Several of my closest cousins, aunt, and uncles have moved to Texas. I would love to take the kids to visit sometime in 2022! I miss them all so dang much.
  • Vacation/Trip with each set of grandparents: This is something we did in Summer 2021, and definitely want to do again for our sons to make special memories with all of their grandparents.
  • Visit a new state or national park: This is a family goal of ours! We want to take the kids to visit a new state or national park each year. To date, we have seen three national parks and ten state parks in California, Nevada, and Utah. Maybe Yellowstone National Park in 2022?


  • Maintain $0 credit card balances: We worked hard to pay off and close some credit cards in 2021, and want to keep it that way!


  • Read 12 books: I hope to read more, but trying to be realistic and set a goal to average one book per month.
  • Document daily (or regular) gratitude with the boys: I am so blown away by what the kids say at ages 3, 5, and 6 when I ask what they are grateful for. It is so sweet and funny. I want to begin making gratitude a priority in each of our days, and document what they are grateful for in a journal.
  • Cut down social media use: I still need to set parameters and decide what this looks like, but DEFINITELY a 2022 goal.
  • Attend a conference or workshop on ADHD-related topics: I want to arm myself with all the knowledge, resources, and tips we need to navigate this medical diagnosis for our family.
  • TBRI training (YouTube videos, books, or other resources): TBRI stands for trust-based relational intervention and is a framework for trauma-informed care.
  • Blog/podcast: I would love to grow the reach of this blog and launch a podcast. Eeeeek!
  • Complete Pinterest course: Related to my goals for the blog and podcast, I really need to complete the Pinterest course I purchases in 2019? 2020? Either way, I have put that off for far too long.


In planning for 2022, I would like to strengthen some habits I have been working on throughout 2021.

  • Exercise at least 3x/week
  • Gratitude journal daily
  • Bible study daily
  • Read daily
  • Achieve work inbox zero weekly: take action or make a plan for every email I receive in a given week. (My work email can often feel overwhelming, and I really want to get a handle on it!)

This seems like a lot all written down, but with some good planning, I think it is all doable over the course of a year.

How are you planning for 2022? What are your goals for the new year?

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