My kindergartner gave his snacks to a new classmate today, and I am blown away by his compassion.

Grateful for this one’s heart.

It was a normal pick-up from school. We talked about his day, and how he played police officers on the playground with his friends.

As I normally do, I asked if he ate his snacks today.

“No, I gave them to my friend.”

A bit surprised by that, I asked him why.

“He is new to our class and he was crying because he didn’t have any snacks, so I gave him mine.”

I asked how he felt after doing this.

“Happy because my friend stopped crying.”

I am just simply so proud of him. Not too long ago, he was the new kid to this classroom after a change in class about six weeks into the school year.

I am proud of what he did to welcome this new student on his first day, proud of what he did to comfort him, proud that not only did he share, but he gave all that he had to this crying student.

At six years old. He gave all his snacks to a classmate.

Oh, Lord, please grow this desire in his heart for years to come. May my son always look for ways to serve others, and meet their needs. Thank you for this today. Thank you for all that I continue to learn about you from these precious sons you have blessed me with. Amen.

Needless to say, little man came home from school hungry! He ate a big bowl of chicken noodle soup, two bowls of fruit salad, and a large banana. My fruit and veggie kid!

What a blessed day. Grateful ❤️

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