About a year ago, I was battling severe anxiety, horrific dreams that kept me from true rest, and constant worry.

I lived in a world of accidents waiting to happen to my husband and kids. Horrific dreams where I couldn’t save them from danger or death. I was exhausted from fighting these unreal situations in my nightmares each night.

I told my parents about it. They were concerned for me, anointed me with oil, and prayed over me so that my mind would be free from this.

My Mama 2 had such wisdom to share about what could be the root cause of this fear in me. I’ve pondered this often since then.

My Dad asked me one question.

“When was the last time you read your Bible?”

It had been months. I honestly couldn’t even pinpoint a time for him.

I could say that the pandemic impacted our spiritual routine. In some ways it did.

But the truth is I was not prioritizing what I should have been.

The enemy saw a mother who is naturally prone to worry and fear… one who was not filling herself with the truth of God’s word… and he came for me. He claimed my mind, my sleep, and my faith for months. He had me running ragged in my own strength, and made sure to deplete that strength to zero.

Accountability is CRUCIAL. That’s what my Dad gave me in that moment. No one else in my life was asking me about my relationship with God. About whether I was reading my Bible and praying.

As I read through my Bible this morning, I am in awe about how that one question from a year ago is still impacting my life today.

I’m reading through parts of the Bible for the first time. I have questions and get lost in the detail, and wonder how I can apply this word to today. But that’s what I should be doing. Digging in and digging deeper.

And now I won’t be stumped the next time my Dad asks when I read my Bible. 😊

My parents gave me soul care right when I needed it.

Please surround yourself with people who care about your soul, and be that person for others. ❤️

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