“We need to admit you tonight. Is there someone here with you?”

“Wait, why?”

“Because, mama, at this point, he’s safer out of you than in you.”

Talk about shock!

I struggled with high blood pressure the last month of my pregnancy. That day, I was running some very high readings, and my husband begged me to go in to be checked. He met me at the hospital after work, but neither one of us thought that would be the start of our nearly 5-day hospital stay to bring our baby boy into the world.

Let me tell you… I was NOT ready to give birth. I hadn’t washed any of the baby’s clothes, or setup what we needed for him. I hadn’t finished my paperwork for medical leave from work. Emotionally and mentally? Nothing can prepare you for all you go through.

My body was shaking so badly from the nerves of that unexpected news that it took one nurse to hold my arm still and another to start putting the various IV’s in my arms.

I was so certain that I’d have a standard delivery experience. Labor at home. Go to the hospital when it was time. Pain medication. Push. Baby!

Instead, I endured three different induction techniques over a couple days before my body kick-started labor.

Because my blood pressure was so high, doctors wanted me hooked to the monitor round-the-clock. I had only one opportunity to walk the hospital hallways with my family.

When that third induction technique was successful, the contractions immediately rolled through my body. I went from relatively no pain for 2 days to full-blown contractions when my body finally responded.

I WAS NOT expecting that.

And neither was little baby Matthew.

I couldn’t open my eyes. The pain was so strong, and I felt so weak. I could barely bring my body to lift, roll, and stay as the nurses asked.

With my eyes closed, I focused on my breathing, Matthew’s heart monitor, and my mom and husband’s voices.

Breathing in and out.

“You can do this, Ally.”

Beep. Beep. Beep.

And then the beeping stopped.

I hear the rush of footsteps around me.

I feel the nurse at my stomach re-positioning the monitor all over the place trying to find Matthew.

I hear her call for backup.

And when I could finally open my eyes, I find two doctors and three nurses standing over me. I hear them talking about an emergency c-section. In my peripheral, I see my husband and mom in the corner. I could tell they want to get to me, but can’t.

And with all my energy, I repeat over and over,

“Is he okay? Is he okay? Is he okay?”

No one responds to me, but I’m eventually met with that comforting beep beep beep that has gotten me through the last couple hard days.

They move me to a delivery room, where I’m set up to stay until baby arrives. It’s hard to for me, mom, and Steven to get comfortable, but we do the best we can knowing Matthew will arrive soon.

It’s eventually time to push early on Sunday morning. My Dad makes it just in time!

I had to push in phases, because it was very traumatic for Matthew. When I pushed, his heart rate dropped. We had to wait until it raised back up to go again. I’m was `so tired.

With my eyes closed doing the best I can, I hear the whispers from the nurses in the corner of the room.

“Call in NICU for backup.”

And then my mom grabs my hand and looks me deep in the eyes…

“He needs to get out now, mamas.”

His heart rate was dropping too low.

When he was finally here, I saw the doctor unwrap his umbilical cord from his neck. Twice.

So tired, with tears in my eyes at the sound of Matthew’s cry, Steven gave me the biggest hug.

He was here! We did it!

I glanced over as the nurses measured and checked him to see my mom and dad standing over him in awe. That image is forever stamped in my mind, and treasured in my heart.

The two who brought me into the world melting over the one I just brought into the world.

Here we are. One year later.

That little 5 lb baby boy is now a big 1 year old.

Conceiving Matthew naturally when doctors said it wouldn’t happen is a miracle.

Matthew surviving a near miscarriage and twice-wrapped umbilical cord is a miracle.

Matthew surviving several scary moments during delivery is a miracle.

Happy 1st Birthday my miracle baby!

Mac, you are an absolute joy and blessing to this family! We love you infinity and are so grateful for each day we have together.

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  1. It was such a special day. He is a special little guy. I look so forward to watching him grow up. We love you Matthew.

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