I’m so grateful to share that our adoption journey is coming to an end.

We have a court date scheduled!

On April 18, 2019, our family will stand before a judge and our sons will officially become Rodriguez’s!

I can hardly believe it.

As I reflect on this journey, God’s goodness and provision is profound. God placed a desire in my heart as a teenager to adopt children one day. This was a desire that I brought to my marriage to a man who had never considered adoption. I didn’t push the idea. I simply prayed that God’s will be done. As we experienced infertility and all our own plans falling apart, my husband’s heart became open to the idea of adoption. His own personal desire to pursue this for our family was solidified when he became a teacher. On his very first day of substitute teaching, he was assigned to a Kindergarten class where he realized that he could wholeheartedly love every single child he met as his very own. And to think that teaching was never in his personal plan either! God guided us through unforeseen infertility, financial stress, and job changes in order to reach our sons.

Some still find adoption to be an unconventional and non-traditional way to create or grow a family. Some still firmly believe that family only equals blood.

But I’m here to tell you that family equals LOVE. Love is all you need to create a family.

This process has shown us our immense capacity to love. I was madly in love with these boys before I met them or seen what they looked like. I heard their background and immediately knew that they were ours and we were theirs.

I see the way they love and adore their baby brother, my 6-month old son, and the way the baby adores them. Blood does not make them brothers. Love does. And let me tell ya, that brotherly love is divine. It’s safe to say that these brothers’ most favorite people in the world are one another.

Our sons will continue to show others the immense capacity they have to simply love. A capacity that many don’t believe they have in them.

We started this process on March 27, 2015, when we attended an orientation session. We continued to think about adoption for over a year, and submitted our adoption application in May 2016.

After countless meetings and endless paperwork, our boys came home in December 2017 and will officially be ours in April 2019. It took 4+ years to get here. Every day, every obstacle, and every tear was absolutely worth it. I’d do it a million times over to get my sons.

Our legal status will finally match what our hearts have felt from the second they walked through our front door.

I love you, Cc and Car. Wholeheartedly. Forever.

I will be your biggest supporter. Your strongest advocate. I will fight fiercely for you.

I’m so honored to be your mother. You and baby brother are the absolute best things that have ever happened to us.

Thank you for loving me when I screw up. Thank you for teaching me how to be a better person and mother. Thank you for fighting your way to us. Your lives are miracles. Gifts from God that we will treasure forever.

Counting the days until you are officially a Rodriguez!

And my heartfelt gratitude to all who have prayed for and supported us in this amazing adoption journey. We love the heck out of you!

With love,
Ally Rod

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